Quick Trip Search Iceland

Magic Island, Iceland !

-The capital Reykjavik, the sophistication of an European city surrounded by the most dramatic scenery anywhere on earth. - Make friends in Reykjavik's bustling night life. - Swim at the Blue Lagoon on the Reykjanes peninsula, set amongst the snowed lava fields, bathing in naturally-heated, mineral-rich steaming waters. - Geyser Strokkur, the Vikings believed the island held the fire from Hell. - Vatnajökull, snowmobile in the largest glacier in Europe. - The northern fjords, an incomparable beauty. - Go whale watching from Skjalfandi. - Mivant Park, the biggest wild duck sanctuary in the world. - The midnight sun, between May and July the sun never sets. Northern lights in winter, magic on the skies. - Thingvellir National Park and the thundering Gullfoss waterfalls, the biggest in Europe. Reykjavik - Iceland